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About the Center

The state institution National Center for Analytical Monitoring in the Area of Environmental Protection has been established in accordance with paragraph 1 of executive order No. 1692 on measures to implement Belarus president decree No. 597 of 7 December 2009 that Belarus’ Council of Ministers issued on 24 December 2009 and in accordance with the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry’s executive order No. 395-OD of 31 December 2009.

The Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry is the founder of the Center.

The Center is a non-profit institution that reports to the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry, which in turn is located at 10 Kollektornaya Street, Minsk.

The Center is focused on taking part in implementing the government policy on environmental protection and rational use of natural resources with a view to fulfilling the following main tasks:

1. Analytical (lab) control in the area of environmental protection (analytical control hereinafter) by collecting samples and conducting measurements relating to environmental protection.

2. Environmental monitoring.

3. Measurements (tests) in accordance with the area of competence.

4. Environmental monitoring and analytical control data collection and usage for the sake of providing the results to central government agencies, municipal government agencies and executive bodies, corporations and individuals.

The Center’s operation is guided by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, decisions of the Board of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry, the Ministry’s executive orders, and the Center’s charter.