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Provision of booked copies of registered measurement procedures

In line with the regulation on registering measurement procedures, state standards of the Republic of Belarus, and interstate standards used to take measurements in the area of environmental protection approved by the Belarusian Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry’s order No.387-OD of 8 November 2010, in order to buy booked copies of measurement procedures customers have to fill in an Application (the model form is attached) and specify the title and the number of the measurement procedure, the number of copies, the purpose of obtaining the copies, and contact information of the customer. The application has to be sent to the state institution National Center for Analytical Monitoring in the Area of Environmental Protection by fax +375 17 396-13-01 or by email 


If the customer intends to buy booked copies of the measurement procedures, a Contract has to be signed for the manufacture of a photocopy of the requested measurement procedures (the model contract form is attached).
The customer has to use the suggested contract form to type in the following information: the name of the organization, the position, the first and last name of the person on the customer’s side, the name of the document empowering the person to act (a charter, a regulation, power of attorney), source of finance, mail and bank details of the customer.
Once the customer has filled in the contract form, the contract and the application have to be sent to 
After the Contractor has signed the contract, the contract will be sent to the customer by fax for the sake of paying for the services to be rendered in advance using the contact details specified by the application.

Copies of the requested measurement procedures, two copies of the contract (originals), and a certificate of services rendered will be sent to the customer by mail after the contractor has received information the payment had been made.

The customer has to sign the contract and the certificate of services rendered and send the documents to the contractor within five business days of receiving the certificate of services rendered.